VOI (Verification of Identity) technology to streamline your conveyancing

Use our platform and mobile App to enjoy paperless Verification of Identity (VOI) technology. Designed for Australian legal and conveyancing professionals to fulfil VOI requirements, our ARNECC compliant solutions help you capture, create and store VOI reports instantly onto one central and secure system.

Use The Search People VOI solutions to verify your clients identity at the office, on the road or remotely by using VirtualVOI or one of our trusted agents.


VirtualVOI is the latest facial biometric technology enabling you to conduct a VOI from anywhere, at any time. VirtualVOI allows you to verify your client’s identity and documents, without the need of meeting face-to-face, compiling a ARNECC compliant report delivered straight to your online platform.

  • Latest facial biometric technology recognised by ARNECC
  • No sign up fee – simply pay per verification
  • Instant VOI reports delivered to your online account
  • Document Verification Service (DVS) checking
  • No need to physically meet clients face to face for VOI
  • Secure storage and access for 9 years
  • Security detail complies best-practice ISO27001
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Use our free VOI App quickly capture and verify the identity of clients in under 60 seconds. In the office or on the road our VOI App is fast, convenient and secure. You can download the IDSecure App on the App Store and Google Play.

Key Features + Benefits:

  • Capture VOI’s on any smart phone or tablet – photos are instantly uploaded to the VOI system and not stored on the device
  • Download the free VOI App direct to your mobile device
  • Save time without the need to photocopy and store physical papers
  • VOI reports are automatically saved to the system for 9 years

VOI Report Storage + Retrieval

All VOI reports from both your VOI App and the Remote Agent Verification Service are instantly available, securely stored in The Search People platform and readily accessible for 9+ years.

Key Features + Benefits:

  • Compliant VOI Reports stored for 9+ years
  • Easy access to retrieve any VOI Report at the click of a button
  • Smart search and retrieval technology
  • State-of-the-art and accredited data security
  • Access any VOI Report in seconds

Remote Agent VOI Services

The Search People offer the most extensive and convenient outsourced agent service in Australia, servicing both metropolitan and regional areas.

Key Features + Benefits:

  • Ability to witness transfer documents, Client Authorisations Forms and any additional documents
  • Will organise all meeting arrangements directly with the client on your behalf
  • Offering 7 days a week VOI appointments in and out of business hours
  • Completes the verification on the spot
  • VOI reports are automatically uploaded
  • All agents are police and ID checked
  • Agents are insured with professional indemnity & fidelity insurances
  • Compliant with ARNECC insurance requirements
  • Automatic updates tell you the status of where the VOI is up to
  • Ability for your clients to book their own Agent VOI

The Search People have a 100% success rate of all VOI’s conducted by agents.

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