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Our simple, easy-to-use online portal allows Property Valuers to access Australia’s largest range of Title and related property information instantly and at the industry’s lowest price.

Property Information Partner of The Australian Property Institute

As a partner of The Australian Property Institute, Valuers from across Australia who choose to use The Search People can expect to save thousands on their Title and related property information and significantly reduce their operational time in the process.

With a few clicks, Valuers can access the widest range of information including Titles, Plans, Instruments, Dealings and over 2,000 other property and business searches across Australia.

Why should property Valuers sign up with The Search People?

National property information

Easy-to-use online ordering platform

Instant results

Best price

No sign-up fee

Free training and support

Access the industry’s lowest prices on Titles, Plans Instruments, Dealings and more.

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