Enjoy award-winning PEXA integration

Electronic settlements are here, and The Search People have got you covered from start to finish with smart PEXA integration and all the technology tools you need to handle electronic conveyancing.

The Search People provide you instant access to PEXA directly from our platform, ensuring your electronic conveyancing process is streamlined, fast and secure. Our platform is fully integrated with PEXA, leveraging the latest technology and security to help you quickly and easily conduct electronic settlements.  

We have range of technology tools to support our leading property information services and PEXA integration including digital signing, electronic contracts and verification of identity… just to name a few!

Through The Search People, you can:

Order all your Title and related Property Certificates

Undertake client Verification of Identity (VOI)

Create your PEXA workspaces

Verify Titles for PEXA suitability

Login directly to PEXA from The Search People

Discover direct PEXA integration via The Search People.

The Search People

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