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Frequently Asked Questions about PPSR

What is the PPSR?

The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) helps keep organisations informed and protected when buying, selling, leasing or hiring assets.  The register acts as a single, online noticeboard that provides an efficient way to keep organisations up to date and protected.  The register shows an organisation whether someone is claiming an interest against a good or asset they are investing in, it also allows organisations to register their interest in a good or asset that they are supplying.  

Who needs to use the PPSR?

Organisations that:

  • Sell goods on retention of title terms
  • Hire, rent or lease out goods
  • Buy or sell valuable second-hand goods
  • Want to raise finance using stock or other assets as collateral
  • Offer advice to clients who conduct the above activities

When should I use the PPSR?

  1. When buying second-hand goods

If you are buying second-hand items such as new machinery, the register lets you know if that asset is being used as a security for a debt or other obligation.  The register will not tell you the value of the obligation but will tell you who the obligation is owed to.


A mining company is looking at purchasing a new excavator, the seller may not inform them that there is still finance owing to it.

If the seller stops paying that loan, it’s highly likely that the finance company will come and take the excavator away from the mining company without any compensation for the loss.

Using The Search People platform, you can make an informed decision on purchases by checking that the item/good is debt free and safe from repossession.


  1. When selling goods on retention of title or consignment, or hiring, renting or leasing out valuable goods.

An organisation can register their interest in a good that they have yet to receive full payment for.  This allows them to recover the debt and lesson the risk of losing the good if the customer does not pay or becomes insolvent.

If the organisation does not make a registration on the good and the customer defaults before they have fully paid, the asset may be sold to pay secured creditors first.



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