Titles, plans and property information at exclusive pricing

Master Builders Association QLD has partnered with leading property information provider The Search People to offer members an exclusive discount of 25% off all Queensland property information.

Members can gain instant access to the widest range of DNRME and QLD property information– from titles, plans, dealings to council property certificates.

Complete quotes faster with more accuracy

The Search People’s wide range of property information means builders and development teams can easily do the necessary checks and provide the most accurate cost estimates before commencing a project.

The Search People have no sign-up or subscription fees, users simply pay for what they order.

The Search People provides Master Builders Members with access to:

  • Titles – understand land ownership and any encumbrances
  • Plans – view boundaries and any easements
  • Council Property Certificates – discover full property and land reports
  • Bulk Projects – we manage titles, dealings and plans for multiple lots
  • ASIC Information – discover company ownership and structure

Simply faster, simply better, simply unbeatable prices.

Queensland property information for builders

With the quickest turnaround times in the industry, property information and reports are delivered instantly via The Search People online platform:

Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy
Local Government Authorities
Water Authorities

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The Search People

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