8th December 2020

Managing your organisation’s mental fitness: On-Demand Webinar

The Search People recently collaborated with experts from academia, psychology and business to discuss the triggers of anxiety and poor mental health, how to overcome them and lead a healthier organisation.

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In a year which has caused one of the biggest economic recessions ever recorded, the introduction and enforcement of social distancing measures, an international travel ban, and in some cases, a complete ban on leaving your home unless it’s for essential travel. It may not come as a complete surprise that globally, there has been a decline in our mental wellbeing.

Whilst a decline in our mental wellbeing can be pinned to the external pressures we currently face. The truth is, we don’t have to accept this decline as a permanent feature in our lives.

Of course, there is no quick solution, but with professional guidance we can learn to recognize the signs when either yourself, or someone else is struggling and implement the methodology to help overcome these anxieties, or simply know when the right time is to escalate these issues further.

That’s why The Search People recently collaborated with experts from clinical psychology, academia and business to deliver a free webinar and on-demand resource that addresses the signs to look for when a team member is struggling, how to assist them and how to manage both your own, and your organisation’s mental wellbeing.


You can watch the recording for FREE here:

Webinar Presenters

Kerrie Adaway

Kerrie Adaway

Kerrie is an expert in organisational leadership with a background in corporate human resources and psychology. Kerrie founded Lysander Consulting, providing Australian businesses and their executive’s innovative solutions and guidance to help connect people through organisational strategy.

Nick Bracks

Nick Bracks

Nick is an actor, business entrepreneur and mental health ambassador. Nick has advocated alongside some of Australia’s largest mental health-focused organisations by candidly recounting his journey with mental health. Nick recently founded free mental health podcast Move Your Mind.

Jill Newby

Jill Newby

Jill is an Associate Professor at the University of New South Wales, and a Clinical Psychologist with the Black Dog Institute. Jill’s passion and research aim to improve the lives of people living with depression and anxiety and those at risk, through developing new and improved treatments, focusing on holistic approaches to mental health care.

Rafe Berding

Rafe Berding

Rafe is CEO of leading property information and technology company The Search People. Rafe is passionate about leading teams and is strongly focused on providing collaborative environments through leadership, whilst leveraging technology to stay connected.

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