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With instant access to Australian property and business information, as well as seamless integration with leading document and practice management software providers, we’ve fast become the search provider of choice for legal and conveyancing professionals looking to increase their businesses efficiencies and save money in the process.

Through an easy-to-use online portal, The Search People offers you a single access point to all the Australian property and business information you need. With The Search People, you’ll save money on searches and increases your business efficiency through the latest technology, tools and integration.

With no lock-in contracts, free training and support and no cap on users, The Search People is the perfect option for legal and conveyancing professionals looking to make their operations leaner, their profit margin larger and their business more attractive.

National Property Searches

The Search People offers the most comprehensive range of Australian property searches. When using our easy-to-use online portal, with a few clicks you can order a property search (at the best price – guaranteed!) and receive the results instantly!

The Search People Property Searches:

NSW Property Search

VIC Property Search

QLD Property Search

Company Searches

The Search People help organisations across Australia minimise risks and make more informed decisions with our business and commercial information searches.  With a few clicks you can receive one of our comprehensive, easy to understand reports.

Order your company searches through The Search People:

Access to the PPSR

Access to ASIC

Combined ASIC & PPSR Report

Digital Tools for Legal and Conveyancing Professionals

The Search People are proud to offer true end-to-end digital conveyancing, verification and signing technology.  Use the latest tools to increase accuracy in your work and save time on your matters.  Our platform combines the latest Verification of Identity (VOI) technology, electronic contracts, digital signing and a hybrid of PEXA and traditional settlement services.

Visit our digital solutions:

Verification of Identity (VOI)

Electronic Contracts

Digital Signing

NSW Property Searches

Easily access and instantly receive New South Wales property searches and services with The Search People.

  • Electronic Contract for Sale (ECOS)
  • Plan
  • Dealing
  • 88B by plan number
  • NSW Historical Search
  • NSW Title Search
  • CT Inquiry
  • NSW Document Inquiry
  • NSW Plan Inquiry
  • NSW Prior / Cancelled Title
  • NSW Lease Folio Data Extract Service
  • NSW Lease Extract Caveats and Other Dealings Search
  • NSW Lease Premises Index Search
  • Common Property Title
  • National Property Ownership Report
  • Over 2000+ other property related searches and certificates

QLD Property Searches

  • Plan
  • Dealing
  • Community Title Scheme Statement
  • Title Image
  • Historical Title Search Statement
  • Water Allocation Title
  • National Property Ownership Report
  • QLD Priority Notice Lodgement
  • QLD Property Certificates
  • QLD Land Tax Clearance Certificate
  • QLD Transport and Main Roads Interest
  • Over 2000+ other property related searches and certificates

VIC Property Searches

  • Electronic Contract of Sale
  • Property Report
  • Plan
  • Instrument
  • VIC Property Certificates
  • Final Search
  • History Search
  • Cancelled Title
  • Owners Corporation Report
  • Dealing Activity on Title
  • Titles Affected by Instrument
  • Issue Search
  • Prelodgement Search
  • Dealing Enquiry
  • National Property Ownership Report
  • Manual Service Request
  • National Native Titles Tribunal Register Search
  • Telco Cable Search
  • Over 2000+ other property related searches and certificates


ASIC is the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.  As a trusted broker of ASIC Information, you can be sure to make informed decisions at the click of a button with The Search People.

Our ASIC Searches include:

  • ASIC Certificate of Incorporation
  • ASIC Company and Business Search
  • ASIC Company Documents
  • ASIC Company Extracts
  • ASIC Weekly Summaries
  • ASIC Company Name Reservation
  • ASIC Company Registration
  • ASIC Registration Documents

Combined ASIC Company Extract + PPSR Search Report

Do you want to find a comprehensive view of ASIC Company Information and PPSR Information, detailing company details, position, shareholders and security interests held over personal property and assets? Then our combined ASIC and PPSR search tool is for you!

The most powerful commercial information search tool on the market.

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