Digitally sign contracts + documents in seconds via The Search People

Designed for legal and conveyancing professionals, our paperless digital signing solution can help your firm work more efficiently and effectively. In seconds you can distribute contracts and documents electronically for instant signing and automatic return. All you need to do is simply upload your document and at the click of the button, all parties can review and digitally sign in seconds.

Benefits of digital signing for your firm

Speedy turnaround times for contracts + documents

Mobile-friendly for your and your clients

Integrated with your practice management software

Fully encrypted, secure and legally recognised

Digitally sign any document, including our Electronic Contracts of Sale:

  • Section 32 Vendors Statement (VIC)
  • Contract for the Sale and Purchase of Land (VIC)
  • Contract of Sale of Real Estate (NSW)

Frequently Asked Questions about electronic signatures

I’d like to save time and money…but more importantly I need to know that the legitimacy of my contracts isn’t compromised. Are electronic signatures legal binding?

Yes. In fact, digital and electronic signatures have been recognised by law in Australia for 20 years. The Electronic Transactions Act outlines that parties can legally use any form of digital or electronic signature to create a wide range of documents including lease agreements, purchases and sales contracts.

My client has never signed electronically before – will this be easy enough for them to use and get the document back to me quickly?

Electronic signing through The Search People is simple. Simply send your document, your client will receive it within 30 seconds, review and sign and have it returned to you directly both to your email and Order Manager – your secure document storage system within the portal.

I want to make sure the electronic signing process saves me as much time as possible – does it integrate with my practice management system?

It certainly does. Your contracts and documents will be directly returned to your matter ready for viewing, as well as automatic return of disbursements. This integration comes at no extra cost to you.

See digital signing live in action.

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