12th August 2020

Simple but effective tips to ensure your business can transition into the ‘new normal’

There’s no way of sugar coating it, these are difficult times for everyone but within difficult times, lies opportunity. Here’s some helpful tips to ensure your business springs back stronger than ever!

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Just when you thought the marketing team had run out of buzzwords, ‘the new normal’ throws itself into the mix.  Unlike its ‘unprecedented’ and ‘pivot’ predecessors, the new normal seems to hold more sentiment, and with it, a genuine realisation that things may not return to how they once were.

There’s no way of sugarcoating it, these are difficult times for everyone but within difficult times, lies opportunity.  Here’s some helpful tips to ensure your business springs back stronger than ever!

Review your processes

As we transition into the new normal, it’s important to look back and review the way that we previously conducted our business.  Some practices will now seem out-of-touch and unnecessary, largely due to the introduction of new technologies and digital processes during COVID-19.

For instance, VirtualVOI is a facial recognition technology that enables Australian legal and conveyancing professionals to compliantly verify the identity of property buyers and sellers without ever having to meet them face-to-face.

Whilst in-person communication will always remain important in the profession, ask yourself, is it always necessary? Why spend an hour collecting and checking documents when there is an automated, secure and compliant process that can do it for you?

It’s also important to acknowledge what’s the best experience for your customer, taking time out of their day to visit you, or lining up at the local post office to have their identity verified? Or do you think your client would prefer to undertake their Verification of Identity (VOI) remotely at their leisure and at a time and place that suits them?

Review your expenditure

It’s likely that when COVID-19 struck you conducted a thorough audit of your suppliers and agreements, cutting back on anything that was deemed non-essential spend.  As we transition into the next period, it’s important that you continue to review your suppliers and seek the cost-effective alternatives.

The Search People guarantee the industry’s lowest prices for Australian property and business information (title searches, plans, property certificates, PPSR, ASIC & more!). Ask yourself, why are you paying more? How easy would it be to switch? And, how much more business could you win with lower disbursements?

Embrace change

The most self-destructive thing any business can do during these times is remain stuck in their old ways.  Legislation, consumer behavior and government advice are all changing at a quicker pace than ever before, if you are averse to change, you will be left behind.

Of course, decisions should be rational and calculated, but making slight adjustments to digitise monotonous and time-consuming processes such as how you distribute, and sign documents and contracts are generally low risk with high rewards.

Embracing digital signing technologies such as SignMe, has huge benefits and can save you significant time per matter. Distributing contracts electronically for digital signing helps speed up your matters and reduce courier and delivery costs, it also helps reduce contact throughout the conveyancing process and promotes safe social distancing.


Whether it’s with your employees, clients or suppliers, it’s vital that you communicate your plan as you move forward.  This can be as simple as updating your office opening hours through Google or putting a message on your website to ensure any clients or new enquiries know the best way to contact you.

If you have or are considering adopting new digital processes for your business, it’s vital that you communicate with your employees to ensure a simple transition process.  At The Search People, we are always happy to provide free training and support to our clients, whether it’s first-time training or a refresh, just give us a call and we’ll get you up-to-speed on how to utilise our digital tools.

If you would like to find out more about The Search People and the host of digital tools we offer to help businesses during COVID-19, please contact us today on 1300 298 111 or use the contact us form.


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